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Welcome to my Blog

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

I’m Amanda, I’m 35 and love all things style and fashion. I am wife to Tom and mamma to 2 babes George (4) and Darcy (8 months) which is the bestest job I’ve ever had.

By day I’m a working mum soon to be returning after maternity leave, a Senior Buyer for all things interior, with a varied brand and marketing background, and in amongst all the chaos I wanted to share my style ideas, fashion and beauty buys with you.

I have a passion for style across both clothes for me and the babies as well as interiors. We have completed a huge amount of work on our white Victorian terrace which I will share with you, restoration and home improvements have been a huge part of mine and my husbands lives!

I hope you enjoy reading my snippets and let me know if you have any topics or suggestions you would like me to cover :-)

A x

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Jul 09, 2020


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