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Top 5 Small Baby Brands

I wanted to share this as I have found some amazing small businesses since having Darcy that are completely new to me. A couple I have found through Etsy and some were straight from the gram, but all totally deserving of some bigging up.

Musthud Design

Insta @musthud_design

These are now my go to blankets and bibs right now.

I bought a plain white blanket for when Darcy was born as we didn't know her sex, and immediately ordered a salmon pink one once she was here! The blankets are super soft and double lined with this gorgeous pom pom piping.

I have recently needed to get her some dribble bibs and Musthud was my first stop. And much to my absolute delight they had a limited edition Liberty print range! They took a couple of weeks to arrive during lockdown, as they are handmade, but totally worth the wait when they arrive. So scrumptious and the bibs are even reversible.

I have no doubt that as Darcy grows I will be getting yet more blankets and I need to convince them to make a play mat!

Liberty Jardin

Insta @libertyjardin

I found Liberty Jardin on Etsy after searching high and low for some bonnets for Darcy. During the heatwave we had earlier this year I found the high street hadn't yet added many summer accessories to their websites, and any of the girls hats I did find were pretty useless in terms of keeping the sun out of her eyes.

This bonnet is gorgeous and suits Darcy's scrummy little cheeks!

They also make a huge range of rompers and dresses

in all the gorgeous Liberty print fabrics. Everything is hand made in Paris, so glam!

Little Living

Insta @littleliving

Little Living is a small home run baby clothes brand, with the most gorgeous of leggings, rompers, hats and bibs. I had some bits from here for George when he was smaller and am in love with their girl designs too this time around.

Tori, who runs the company is a mum of 2 herself and I know how hard she works to make the best designs and fabrics. There are so many companies, even eBay ripping off small independents like this with similar designs, but the quality is not a patch on these. The fabric is thick and luxurious and won't fade in the wash. I have just ordered the pink romper shown here for Darcy which is a brand new fabric range... gorgeous!

Teeny Turbans

Insta @teenyturbans_

Oh how I love these hats. There are so many designs to chose from you could get carried away picking them for every occasion!

Meg, the owner, created her first Teeny Turban from an

old t-shirt for her daughter Diana to wear swimming and then the brand was born!

Such a great idea for swimming but also everyday life, they fit really well and the babies find it hard to pull them off their heads all the time.

Also available in matching styles and colours for adults which is super cute!

Bibado Bibs

Insta @bibado

I cannot recommend Bibado bibs enough, they have been truly gamechanging for meal times, and baby led weaning this time around with Darcy.

Clearing up after a weaning babe can be soul destroying 3 times a day (!) and using these bibs helps enormously. You just put it on like a gown and attach it to the highchair and it catches nearly everything. Then whip it off and your baby is as clean as a whistle!

They are a growing brand set up by a mum of twins, and are working hard to give back, with £1 from each bib sale being donated to family related causes.

Would love to hear if you have any other small brand shout outs!

A x

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