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Six Ways to Style a Shacket

So Autumn 2020 saw the start of our obsession with shackets, and boy have we grown to love them! The name comes from a cross between a shirt and a jacket - it's lightweight, thicker than a shirt but lighter than a jacket and THE perfect piece for layering.

They are a trend that is here to stay and I think we can all see why... they're so versatile, easy to style and come in every colour and fabric imaginable. Anyone can wear them, and I am totally here for them.

In case your shackets have been sitting in your wardrobe over the past months of lockdown and you need some help styling, i've pulled together my favourite ways to wear them.

With a Hoodie

Lockdown has made me discover how much I love teaming a shacket with a hoodie and/or tracksuit. It instantly gives your outfit some purpose, and definitely glams up the loungewear for heading outside!

With Leather Leggings

One of the first ways I styled my shackets was with my faux leather leggings. This to me was instinct to make the shacket a little more dressy. And I just love this look. It can transform your outfit!

With an Oversized Tee

Styling with an oversized tee makes the shacket feel like an open shirt. Perfect for lounging around the house in, or for milder days it acts as a great layering system!

With a Roll Neck

One of my absolute favourite ways to style and perfect for the colder days, I just love to wear shackets with a roll neck. I think it adds a real feminine touch to the look.

Buttoned up

Buttoned up to the top, shackets can give such an effortlessly cool look. This is my go to outfit when I can’t decide what to wear.

Under a Coat

And lastly - under a coat. This may seem obvious but it's the best way to layer in these colder months, but also to let the shacket do the talking for your outfit. A pop of colour, or splash of pattern can transform a dull outside outfit into one that‘a effortlessly fresh!

I hope you’re all as happy as me that it is finally the weekend! Have a good one,

A x

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