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Seven Spring Style Essentials

I've had this post ready to write for some time now but it just feels like Spring is taking forever and a day to rear it's head! So as it is officially Spring as of this weekend, I thought i'd share my essential style list of the key pieces you will be seeing this season, as well as those worth investing in for your wardrobe. For each recommendation I have chosen some of my key pieces out there at the moment, just scroll through the pictures to see, and they will take you straight to the products (note, some are affiliate links).


It will be no surprise to those that know me to hear me say that one of my favourite things ever are trench coats or macs, whatever you want to call them! They are an absolute wardrobe staple, I have worn them for years and years. I love how versatile they are that they can be worn with a dress and still look elegant, as a throw on for the commute (remember those?!), or styled down with jeans and trainers at the weekend. And this Spring doesn't see them going anywhere.... except bolder!

I have a Burberry Mac which I treated myself to a few years back which I wear solidly for work and weekends during the Spring and Autumn months. I also found an amazing vintage Burberry on Vestiare last year which some of you will remember. But you don't have to go designer, many of the high street shops have dupes this year which look identical but also have some of the riskier designs and colour ways.

This is a key wardrobe piece which I cannot recommend highly enough!

Oversized Shirt

Another item that I have kept in my wardrobe for years is oversized shirts. I've always worn them at work and weekends, and throughout pregnancy they were a godsend! This Spring they are back with a-vengeance and i'm so pleased to see more ways to style them coming through. You cannot go wrong, white, baby blue, baby pink, and light blue stripe are my favourites but there are always new colours to try.

Style with jeans, leggings, leather leggings and maxi skirts, whatever your mood, for a cool understated look, even better if topped off with a mac!

Breton Stripes

The ultimate colour way of Spring, Breton stripes are such a classic. Every year I think I don't need any more and each year I still find myself wanting more!

So my recommended pieces - one short sleeve tee, one long sleeve tee and one sweater, in my fave colour of navy blue and cream/white. You can't go wrong. You can style these with denim, with creams, browns and even blacks.

Beige Trousers

Beige jeans made an entrance last Spring and this year the catwalks have broadened more towards cotton trousers and sweats, clearly after our loungewear obsession in lockdown. There are so many cuts around, wide cut and cropped seems to be the fresh Spring look, destined to make you feel summery as soon as you put them on! Again this is the sort of piece that if you choose wisely you can keep bringing out each Spring to put you in the warmer mood!

Wide Leg Jeans

So skinnies are out.... you'll either be over the moon or devastated at the prospect! Every year we see a "trend" cut of denim making a comeback and this Spring sees the look of mom jeans and boyfriend cuts everywhere... the wider the better! You will have seen me digging out my flares for their long awaited comeback, but also the cropped wide leg jeans that your mum definitely rocked in the 80s are here to stay!

Spring Dresses

One of the lovely things about this time of year is the sun making an official appearance and us getting the chance to brave some dresses. I think this year we will be more excited than ever to strip down from our joggers to dress up in some pretty dresses. Gingham is back in more pastel colour ways, as well as peter pan collars we saw in the winter. Square neck dresses are also so flattering and everywhere!

The Basket Bag

And lastly, one of the items I am most excited to get out of my wardrobe... the basket bag! Normally I would save this for my Summer edit but I think we are all so excited for some sunshine, I for certain am getting mine out now! Last year I invested in the Loewe and I am so pleased that I did. I used it loads, I was thinking I would be too scared to use it on the beach but I embraced it, otherswise why bother having it?! This year they have released a beautiful white colour way and there are some other amazing designs which i've linked that aren't as expensive.

Here's to the start of some longer and warmer days, and some more freedom!

Stay safe,

A x

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