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Out of office on!

I started writing this on the aeroplane on the way back from our trip at midnight, with Darcy fast asleep sprawled across my legs and George asleep with his head pressed against the plane window, sun kissed, happy and full of new memories.

We are on our way back from Cyprus after 10 days of absolute R&R feeling ready to tackle September.

We made a last minute decision to go abroad as we had not expected to be able to this year and after 2 years so pleased we did. Although it was last minute it’s not a decision we took lightly and we did definitely feel nervous.

We decided to go to Cyprus. Just like Greece, Cyprus at the time of travelling was on the amber list meaning we would need to do a Covid test prior to returning to the UK as well as 2 days after returning home. We picked Cyprus as we had heard good things about the ease of travel and of course the guaranteed sunshine as let’s face it, it doesn’t feel like we’ve had much of a summer this year.

We booked to travel locally from Birmingham airport. And only a 4.5 hour flight seemed perfect for the children too, Darcy’s first flight! We booked the whole trip with TUI who made the whole process so easy. Some friends of ours had just returned from Greece using them and highly recommended them. You arrange any necessary tests before you leave which I had thought was all included in our booking but I actually needed to sort it separately which I managed to do really easily. It can feel a bit overwhelming at first but once you get your head around what you need to do it’s fairly straight forward. We also had to fill in paperwork to enter Cyprus which we did before we left.

I was so nervous when we arrived at the airport, such a strange feeling to be doing something you’ve done so many times before yet not for what seems like an eternity. Check-in was organised, and there were plenty of people around to help, I can't fault TUI. Before we knew it we were breezing through security, sat with a wine in hand waiting for our gate to open!

The plane itself was busier than I expected, not full. I didn’t feel as claustrophobic about the flight and wearing a mask as I thought I would which was great and enabled me to relax slightly, as much as a nearly 2 year old will allow you!

We chose a private transfer once we landed which was amazing. I think it helped travelling to a slightly smaller airport as it didn't feel so overwhelming. But anyway, 20 mins later we were at the hotel checked in and ready for bed! When we woke in the morning the hotel was busy but not bursting so we managed to find plenty of our own space. I've shared all the details of the hotel over on my Instagram.

My previous experience of Cyprus was as a teen in Ayia Napa. We found the country to be so friendly, clean and nothing was too much trouble. And THE most beautiful sunsets, a trip I’ll never forget.

Returning home as sad as it was, was the same fairly easy process. We completed our tests at the hotel before leaving (which we had taken with us) and completed the UK paperwork so everything was straight forward. Passport control once in the UK took longer than normal as they spot check the UK paperwork. It all felt plain sailing until we went to get our bags and the carousel had broken so we had to wait 2 hours at 1am (which was 3am to us!!) haha. But something that couldn't be helped and definitely not covid related!

So now i'm home and reflecting on the whole holiday and process... would I do it again? In a heartbeat. I felt safe, secure and most importantly made some amazing memories.

Hope you found this brain dump useful, but I know so many are curious as to how it all panned out!

A x

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