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My Sunday Morning Beauty Regime

Every Sunday I try and catch up from the week and spend a little extra time on my beauty routine. I've made this more of a priority since lockdown, when I would otherwise have had time out in the week or weekend on my own swimming, going to a spa or having a massage... remember those days?! Taking time out like this is a good way to prioritise your self care and can make you feel so much brighter.

Click on the pics to take you straight to the products, some are affiliate links.

Olaplex Hair System

First up is my hair. I religiously wash my hair on a Sunday ready for the week ahead. Since working at home I've been letting it air dry as much as possible and not applying too much heat to try and improve the condition whilst I have the chance. I also wanted to share the shampoo and conditioner I use as i've been so impressed. I have been using the Olaplex system for nearly a year now and it is a game changer. I use no4 and no5 and once a week on a Saturday night I use the bond strengthener no3 and leave in my hair overnight. My hair is in such better condition considering I have it coloured, it feels thicker and my split ends have definitely reduced. My hair is so annoyingly breakable that I really have noticed a difference.


Beauty Pie Japanfusion Pure Transforming Cleanser

Whilst I wait for my conditioner to work I start by cleansing my face using my ultimate favourite cleanser. This is from the Japanfusion range from Beauty Pie and I have honestly not found anything as good as this. It starts as a cream and turns into a milky texture, which melts off all make up, even concrete mascara like mine!

£7.47 members price

Beauty Pie Fruitizyme Five Minute Facial

Once my face is clean I like to use a scrub to get rid of the week's build up and impurities. I absolutely love using this scrub from Beauty Pie as it actually feels like a facial. The exfoliation is just enough, not overpowering and gritty like some can be, and once you leave it on you can feel your face warming up. After rinsing, your face really feels smooth and nourished and not too dried out.

£10.80 for members

Charlotte Tilbury Goddess Skin Clay Mask

I then finish by using the Charlotte Tilbury clay mask. I first discovered this 3 or 4 years ago and i've not looked back. You only need a small amount which is means it lasts for ages and when you rinse off your face genuinely feels as smooth as a baby's bum! I leave it on for as long as I can.


Pixie Glow Tonic

Once out of the shower before any moisturiser I use the Pixie Glow Tonic. This is the best toner I have found. It can sometimes sting a little when you first start to use it which is normal, but once your skin gets used to it it stops. I use this on a cotton pad or reusable pad and sweep across my face. It's a great way to get off any final dead skin, and leaves your face feeling smooth and glowing.


No7 Protect & Perfect Intense Advanced Serum

Everyday I start my routine with my hero skincare product. I have used this serum since the first version was released many years ago, and it is something i can't go without. It is such a super soft serum and great base before moisturiser, as well as being proven to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.


Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream

I then finish with my favourite indulgent moisturiser which is sooo moisturising. It's full of shea butter, vitamins c & e as well as SPF15, and instantly plumps up your skin making it look and feel so much better. This is not one I use everyday as it feels like such a treat, but it is incredible. It has won heaps of awards and I can see why.


I'd love to know your favourite skincare products, and any regimes you have so please share!

Have a good week,

A x

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