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My Style Edit - 10th August 2020

The Autumn/Winter collections are well on their way now, but whilst we're still enjoying our heatwave there are still plenty of summer styles going strong. I'm looking forward to seeing what we have in store this Autumn but I am not wishing this sunshine away just yet!

Here's my 5 faves from the last week.

Zara Yellow Cardigan

I stumbled across this this week and think it is the perfect summer evening or daytime cardie. It's really lightweight and so delicately woven, it gives a real feminine edge to an outfit. My initial idea is to wear it with a white tee and mom jeans, but it could easily be thrown over a summer dress too.


Topshop Pink Shorts

I just couldn't resist these pink shorts from Topshop this week. They are a really similar design to the acid washed denim paperboy waist ones I showed at the beginning of the summer. I LOVE the colour and they are just a bit different to your bog standard denim shorts.


H&M Leopard Dress

This is such a cute dupe of the iconic Ganni dress that sadly if you didn't get your hands on this season has now near enough disappeared. This cut is is flattering, the sleeves can be worn up or down as a bardot style, and the price point is just spot on. I find leopard print dresses really versatile for styling all year round.


H&M Shoulder Pad T-shirt

These t-shirts are EVERYWHERE at the moment. I have a zara version, but this new H&M cut really caught my eye this week. The shoulder pads are super flattering, and this design just gives a wow factor to your basic tee. I can see these sticking around as statement shoulders are here for the Autumn. They are a staple for your capsule wardrobe.


Dior Lip Tattoo

And finally some beauty. This new lip product from Dior is a game changer! I've not normally been into lip tinting products, but let me explain why this is sooo good for right now... It doesn't smudge or come off when you wear a mask! I know right?! I think we all know the struggle is real wearing a mask over make up plus the current heat wave... this lip tattoo goes on like a lip gloss but dries instantly, and weightlessly onto your lips. The colour here is Natural Rosewood which gives a gorgeous tinted pink nude colour


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