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My Beach Essentials

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

It’s August! And for some of us a chance to finally have a break, get to the beach, and have some well earned freedom and sunshine!

As I’ve just returned myself from a little UK staycation I thought I’d share my fave beach pieces that get me through my beach days and a checklist for you... as always just click on the pics to take you straight to the products.


It’s now an absolute necessity for me to have a hat in the sun, I don’t know if that’s me getting older or just more busy with the children that I can’t just lie with my eyes closed but I always have a hat with me. A classic baseball cap never fails, but a straw summer hat makes any outfit immediately glamorous and makes you feel a million dollars.

This version from And Other Stories has a beautiful design with a longer back and tie ribbons.


Basket Bag

Obviously THE most essential for the beach is a bag and there is nothing more elegant than the iconic Loewe basket bag.

I had this on my wishlist for a long time and was so lucky to get mine for a steal last winter. It's absolutely timeless and I know I will have this in my collection forever. I use this as my handbag with my bits in and a bigger basket bag for the rest of the family.


If you would prefer not to splurge, Mango have released a bargain dupe, click on the pic below.


Gone are the days of frying myself in oil, I realise already how much damage my skin has had from the sun so I am 100% converted to high factors. What’s the point in burning yourself when you live in the UK and your tan fades in a week?!

I highly recommend this range of Malibu dry oil sprays, that spray effortlessly like a deodorant. They also do a kids range. They price point is spot on too as I begrudge paying too much for something that will go out of date by next holiday.

Tip: Something to always remember, suncream has a shelf life of 3 years max before the SPF stops working.

I religiously use moisturiser and foundation with SPF50 in the ingredients too, all year round.


What beach day wouldn't be complete without reading material! If you're a busy mum like me though, you'll pack it and never open it!!

Vogue is always my go to magazine since starting a subscription some years ago. It’s so dreamy and the articles are relatable and current. I love reading about fashion and eyeing up my dream wardrobe!

There's also an amazing app called Readly. It's a subscription which lets you access near enough ANY magazine for only £7.99 a month. I love a bit of interiors inspiration like House & Garden and Country Living which I could never justify always buying. This is such a great app, especially for holidays and travel when you have time on your hands. If you sign up now you get one month free. Click on the pic below


These are my leather Hermes dupes from Dune which they have released again this summer. And oh my goodness, they are comfy and timeless. I have a pair in white too as they’re so nice and such a good dupe, ssssh! £85 (and on sale regularly) rather than a hefty £495 for the real deal, I take these on every trip guaranteed.


A x

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