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Lockdown 2.0

The feeling of uncertainty and protecting our children...

I think we will all agree that the announcement from Boris on Halloween was not one that we weren’t expecting, but somehow just didn’t feel real.

So many mixed emotions flying around, and the underlying question of “How did we end up here again?”

The children can still go to school… huge sighs from parents, yet understandably huge worries from teachers and school workers, and it goes without saying, huge respect from us all.

After the disruption of the last lockdown and trying my best at home schooling I am relieved to know that the children will have the stability of school, at least for a little longer. So why do I feel so weird?

My protective mother nature has taken over, we’re being told to lockdown but my children are still going to school. Is this a risk? To them? To me? To the family?

Every instinct is telling me to keep the children at home with me, in our bubble, lock the doors and stay safe. But it’s the routine that’s so important to children so I keep reassuring myself that this is the best place for them, but I worry about how we can protect ourselves. These children have been through so much already, my son has red raw hands from washing them so much, it’s engrained in him, and I fear it will be forever.

Like so many of us I am clinging onto Christmas as something to look forward to. I have my son’s 5th birthday on Dec 2nd before then which I would normally be starting to plan now. So much uncertainty means I have to be cautious. I just hope he gets to celebrate in some way with some of his little friends, that’s all that’s important to a 5 year old, more so than presents! I am trying to be realistic without being pessimistic, the chances seem so slim but for him I am remaining positive.

I wanted to write this to reach out to other mums and families and anyone who is like me, experiencing the most overwhelming mixture of emotions in this situation.

It’s ok not to feel ok. This is the biggest rollercoaster of emotions we have had to face and hopefully the last for a long time.

A x

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