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Children's Gifts - My Fave Small Businesses

Pepino Puppets

Pepino puppets make some of the most charming toy puppets I have ever seen! All hand made to order, Petra has created the most beautiful animal puppets that can be customised to order. Petra and her husband Josef set the company up whilst living in a flat in London and their little boy desperately wanted a dog, which they just didn't have space for. They couldn't find a perfect soft toy dog so decided to make one which is where Pepino the sausage dog came from. So cute. Plastic free and a gift that is likely to be treasured by the family forever, these puppets are absolutely gorgeous and so hard to choose a favourite!

Buy direct here through Etsy or contact through their website


Dinky Denim

Dinky Denim is a super cool small business specialising in personalising denim. From jackets, dungaree's to dresses, Jess has sooo many options it's incredible. Just when you think you know what you want, you see she has had delivery of new patches. I ordered a set of dungarees for Darcy's birthday, I don't want to admit how long it took me to finalise my design but they are so cool I want my own pair. I think they make a lovely keepsake.

Dresses start from £23 order through Instagram.

Little Dot Designs

The gorgeous Jen has recently launched her online shop, Little Dot Designs. She is so talented and I cannot get enough of her knitted wire signs, I literally want them in every room of the house! I bought one for both George and Darcy's bedrooms and they look super cool and are such good quality. Jen hand makes to order, and you can even have custom orders if you're looking for something really out there.

Prices start from £13.50 for 3 letters. Order direct through etsy

Magnificent Stanley

Becky runs Magnificent Stanley, which specialise in personalised clothing and gifts for children using Liberty fabric... my idea of heaven! They were the first company to start doing this with Liberty fabric, and even do matching adult sizes for some of the lines. Becky named the company after their magnificent cat, called Stanley, and if you follow her on Instagram you'll know her products are so popular they regularly sell out. I bought one as a keepsake for Darcy's 1st birthday which I hope she never grows out of!

T-shirts from £17 order direct

Polar Post

By far the most magical thing I've ever ordered the children are these personalised letters from Father Christmas. This will be the 5th year I have got these and every time they take my breath away with how charming and beautiful they are. These are letters to give your children either the night before Christmas or to leave under the tree. This year's letter touches on the difficult time the children have been through and how proud we are of them, honestly so well written and moving. You can personalise them to say something about the gift they want or what they have achieved this year. They also sell other beautiful Christmas gifts.

Letters start from £20.95 order direct

Bearsy and the Boy

The lovely Jenna runs Bearsy and the Boy, which is a super cute little business selling thought bubbles and sweet lunchbox notes. Jenna started the business whilst on mat leave after being given loads of milestone cards but always forgetting to use them. She has created a quirky new way of using these milestone cards, with hilarious captions for us parents! She also makes them for weddings, toddlers, pets and christmas! Most recently she has launched the lunchbox notes, for children and for adults which I think are such a lovely idea.

From £9.50. Order direct at

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