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Body Positivity... the sometimes harmful affects of shopping online

I’ve been banging on about body confidence and positivity the past few days, you all saw my pics and after your messages and speaking with you all I have realised just what an impact it has on us all.

I always find this is the time of year that it hits us the most, the sun comes out and we get excited and dig out our summer clobber, then the weather drops a little and we are hot, muggy, rainy but not sunny, so the question EVERY single morning is what the hell do I wear?! Every layer thought through strategically in case of full strip page required after a short walk in the humid air or a freezing breeze in the evening!

I’ve been on a bit of a fitness journey these past few months as you know so I have noticed some changes to my body shape, which were very much intended and I am very proud of the hard work I have been putting in. However, I cannot get over how a single delivery of 5 outfits… of which only 2 fitted, could have made me feel so awful.

I know for a fact that I am not alone in this thinking and why I want to help promote body positivity as much as I can. Because what does it ACTUALLY matter. We all think people will stare at us and be disgusted if we get our legs out and wear a pair of shorts, and we’d rather sit sweating with a cardie on because we don’t want to get our arms out. But the honest truth is no one cares… except you.

The most important thing is about how you feel. Not what the scales say, and absolutely not what some factory or brand or shop has decided to label an item with.

This is why I also believe that we should shop small and local more often. The obvious reason of local is the ability to try on before buying but also to talk to your lovely local boutiques about your style and what may best fit bit also the fact that the products they are selling are not mass produced with factories slapping any old label on and sizing not being correctly addressed. Shopping online whilst convenient can really affect your mental health and if I hadn’t got a grip of it, it would have really upset me this week. Clearly, covid has ruined our shopping experiences in real life, but standing in front of your mirror at home gutted at some numbers on some fabric is not what life is about!

So remember… if it fits, feels nice and it makes you happy then wear it!

I'd love to hear any body wins you've had, please share!

A x

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