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Autumn / Winter 2020 - A sneak peek into this season's trends

Let's face it, our weird end to the summer is basically over, it's September, boo, but i'm sure like me, part of you is secretly looking forward to some cosy cardies, chunky knits and a glass of red in front of the fire!

It's only early days and our fave brands are only just starting to do their season turnarounds, but there are some clear trends emerging that were seen on the catwalk earlier this year.

The good news is there are less "trends" or "fads" this year, and it seems that basics and a lot of items from our capsule wardrobes and seasons past will be the real winners. This is great news not just for our purses but more importantly for sustainability. The fashion industry is under more and more pressure to try and reduce the fast fashion trends that see us buying too much, too cheap with a detrimental effect on the environment.

Here's a few if you want to stay ahead of the game and know what to look out for this Autumn.

Chunky Boots

Starting from the feet up, chunky boots are making another appearance this year, with very little change to last year. So re-use and reduce your footprint(!) but here are some snapshots of what is currently out there. I have invested in some Grensons this year after a friend recommended their quality and actually being surprisingly light weight. I went for the ones with a suede panel on them to make them feel slightly more feminine and I love the two textures together.

Big boots can feel a little daunting and masculine. Team them with skinny jeans or under mom jeans too, but also with a long maxi dress can give a real edge.


Tan is the new black! Haha not quite, but you will see tan appearing everywhere. I personally prefer it to beige which washes me out, but it is one of those colours that I think you have to be in the mood to wear. It goes SO well with black or blue denim, and I think worth an investment piece if you like the colour.

Statement Collars

Whilst a tad "trendy", we have grown to love these statement collars this summer, and they are not going anywhere. Getting bigger and bolder the look is for long sleeved blouses, knitwear and even hoodies incorporating the collars. It adds such a feminine touch to an outfit. The bigger the better this season!

Chequered Patterns

Nothing says Autumn more than checkered patterns, which appear year after year. This season it's dominating outerwear in lots of colour ways. Super casual and a great weekend look.

Leather, Leather and More Leather

Love or hate it you won't escape faux and real leather this season. Eek! It is everywhere and every clothing type. From trousers to coats, croc effect and tan in the mix too. Easy to dress down or up, mix it with denim too.

Fringe tassels

I wonder if it's because we all missed out on festivals this year that we're craving the fringed tassel vibes. Set to appear when you least expect it, check out some of the new items already gracing the catwalk.

Quilted Coats

These first appeared in a big way last winter, and now they're back and everywhere. There is more of a shift to thinner jacket versions, but also the thick duvet style. Super comfy and most importantly warm, I don't think you can go wrong with such a sensible coat, our mums would be proud!

Belted Outerwear

This feels a little bit 90's, but belted coats, blazers and shirts are back in a big way. An incorporated belt can be such a flattering look, and very useful for wrapping yourself up in your winter coat.

Let me know what you think and what you'll be investing in!

A x

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